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adsl adsl research group
adsl-kernel The Kernel of ADSL
airg [no description available]
aistudy [no description available]
arch-chat Computer architecture discussion
arch-qual Reading group studying for CS qualifying exam in Computer Ar
bars Badger Amateur Radio Society - W9YT
blitz [no description available]
cabernet-users [no description available]
cbi-announce CBI Announcements
cbi-datasets [no description available]
cbi-discuss CBI Discussion
cgi-users [no description available]
chtc-users [no description available]
cipart-ug for undergrads in CIPART project for undergrads in CIPART p
classad-users General Discussion of the Condor ClassAd Language
condor-build [no description available]
condor-devel [no description available]
condor-doit distribution list for condor "crash report" emails sent from
condor-jobs For Condor project hiring
condor-staff Condor Staff
condor-status [no description available]
condor-system [no description available]
condor-team Condor Team
condor-users Condor-Users Mail List
condor-world [no description available]
consultants Consultants List for CS Instructional Labs
cs-announce [no description available]
cs-changes [no description available]
cs-jobs [no description available]
cs-lab [no description available]
cs-misc [no description available]
cs-wall [no description available]
csfaculty Computer Sciences Dept. Faculty
curriculum the curriculum committee
dbaffiliates [no description available]
dbalumni [no description available]
dblifers The people in and around DBLife
dbseminar [no description available]
dbworld [no description available]
deadlands private mailing list for role playing group
devise-sup DEVise (Data Exploration and Visualization) user support
deviseproj DEVise (Data Exploration and Visualization) project team
dimple-announce [no description available]
dyninst-api Dynamic Instrumentation/DAIS Standards Group
ellhnes Ellhnes
faculty Computer Sciences Dept. Faculty
framenet mail group for
frr List for D&D group
gems-announce Gems Announcements
gems-users Gems Users
glow A Discussion list for the Grid Laboratory of Wisconsin
glow-exec GLOW Executive board
glow-tech Technical discussion for GLOW
glow-users [no description available]
graduates [no description available]
hellquad mailing list for my college roommates
hoops Mailing list for basketball in the CS department.
ia64-users For users of the Itanium machines, who, what, where, when, a
icpc-team ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest team
idr-members Members of The Wavelet IDR Center
ixpdev IXP development group
jkc-list Madison Japanese Karate Club - UW
lattice-seminar Reading course on preprint of Lattice book
mad-sage mad-sage list
mmtest [no description available]
mw The mailing list for MW (Master-Worker) developers and users
nbrg [no description available]
nest-announce For announcements related to the NeST project.
nest-discuss For announcements related to the NeST project.
nmi-cvs [no description available]
nmi-gsiusers [no description available]
nmi-users NMI Build & Test Lab Users Mail List
os-reading Operating systems reading group
os-seminar Information about the weekly OS/Networking Seminars
paintball A mailing list for people interested in playing paintball
paradyn-md [no description available]
paradyn-other [no description available]
pl-qual Discussion for PL qualifying exam.
pl-seminar [no description available]
plug [no description available]
qubic QuBIC project at the University of Wisconsin in Madi
rocks-dev [no description available]
rstatfac statistics faculty minus visitors/lecturers
runners Mailing list of informal CS grad student running club.
sacm "SACM officers discussion list"
sacm-transition SACMs Transition Committee mailing list
sacmgolf SACM Golf League
scidb-news News and information about SciDB
secretaries Computer Sciences Dept. Secretaries
sememaillist stat dept. seminar mailing list
shore-bugs Bugs reports for the Shore Storage Manager
shore-users Users of the Shore Storage Manager
shorewoodblitz Shorewood Blitz soccer club
sigarch-members SIGARCH Members Announcement List Archive
simplescalar SimpleScalar processor simulation tool suite
staff Computer Sciences Dept. Staff
stat-forum Forum for dicussing Statistics topics
stat-hiring hiring committee members
statexec statistics executive committee only
statfac regular faculty mailing list
statfull statistics full profs only
statgrad all grad students
stork-announce A list for the Stork project announcements
stork-discuss A discussion list for the Stork project
systems systems faculty at Wisconsin
telecom-comm [no description available]
testing [no description available]
the-dentingers Dentinger Family Mailing List
theory-faculty CS theory faculty at UW-Madison
theory-reading Information about meetings of the Theory Reading Group.
theory-seminar CS Theory of Computing Seminar at UW-Madison
theory-students CS theory students at UW-Madison
tkd [no description available]
ugrads Undergraduate Computer Science Majors
usenix04-pc usenix '04 PC members
uwcs-condor An Announcement list for the UWCS Condor Pool
vmware-users CS VMware discussion and announcements
wail Wisconsin Advanced Internet Group
waveletidr contact group for
wics [no description available]
winxp-users [no description available]
wisa-brew [no description available]
wwt-action-dist [no description available]