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[Condor-users] condor daemons exit

Hello Condor users,

We use Condor to manage our mac G5 's cluster, and we're happy with it. We have just a problem : after a while of inactivity, condor daemons on a computer disappear. Even on the central-manager. So when users want to submit or control their jobs, it doen't work.

In the daemons' log files :
8/5 22:42:37 Our parent process (pid 16496) went away; shutting down
8/5 22:42:37 Got SIGTERM. Performing graceful shutdown.

I don't know who is this "parent process" : there was only thre daemons : collector (16497), negotiator (16498) and shedd (16499)

Has someone an explication ? Is there an option to set, so the daemons never exited ?

Thanks for your help,