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Re: [Condor-users] Notification of hold state?

Any additional notifications, i.e. state changes, etc., would be greatly
appreciated.  As I bring our project to production, the more hooks for
alerting and monitoring the better.


Bob Nordlund

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Bob Nordlund wrote:
>Is there a way in the submit file to notify users when a process enters
>'hold' state?

No. Currently, notifications are only sent as described in the
condor_submit manual page.

>  I have a situation where I place a process in the 'hold'
>state if it requires user intervention to complete ( bad data, bad
>configuration, etc.)  but I do not want to notify the users on complete or
>error due to the mass spam that this would produce.

Are you or a script setting the script on hold? If so, you can figure out
which user submitted the job with:

% condor_q -l 640788 | grep "^User "

and send an email notification yourself. I know that it's not quite as

It's an interesting idea to add extra notifications to Condor.


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