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RE: [Condor-users] Automatic installation - simple question

Thanks a lot John!

However, I wanted to include the installation in the automatic building routines of our department, which I will be allowed to do as soon as I understand how to do an installation silently (without GUI).  Can I do this with the exe? I was trying to go along the chapter Manual Installation Condor on Windows NT, but I failed....

btw I apologize: condor_master exists, but install is missing



At 18:58 24/08/2004, you wrote:

>> Dear all,
>> I have got a very simple question. Could someone explain me 
>> in more detail how to set up an automatic installation for 
>> Windows XP, please??
>I have always used the .EXE version from the download page.
>I suggest trying that, and it all should install straightforwardly.
>There are some things you'll need to decide beforehand, see:
>> I have a condor_config and a condor_config.local file. I did 
>> download the zip file of the condor version 6.6. However in 
>> this zip file is no install and no condor_master (as 
>> described in the user manual). What am I doing wrong and what 
>> do I have to do?
>You should then amend the condor_config.local that this creates to make your
>Note that it is best to leave condor_config itself alone.
>> Thanks for any advice !!!!
>> Floria pappenberger
>No problem
>John Kewley
>CCLRC Daresbury Laboratory