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Re: [Condor-users] Limiting the number of jobs of a particular "type"


What we can offer "out of the box" to address this requirement is to have a SchedD per licence and use the feature that controls the number of jobs the SchedD can have active at any time. As you can imagine, you are not the first to face this challenge. We have been doing some thinking and work in this area. I will be happy to discuss with you off line our thoughts/plans and learn more about your requirements.


At 09:20 AM 8/26/2004, you wrote:
I'm interested in using Condor to manage not only machine resources but
non-computational resources such as FlexLM licenses to software
products. This subject is touched upon the class-ads research area but
not ever mentioned in the Condor documentation. I'm having trouble
conceptualizing how I can write a submit file for a set of jobs that
would allow the jobs to access M machines but never run more than J jobs
simulataneously (where J < M) because each job consumes a FlexLM license
when it runs.

Is this possible?


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