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[Condor-users] StarterAbilityList and Windows XP SP2


So far we are successfully running a Condor pool consisting mainly of
Windows 2000 workstations within an Active Directory domain. However, we
have encountered some trouble trying to get Condor to work under Windows XP
SP2 in this environment. 

While the resprective machines are visible in the pool, submitting jobs to
them fails. We have added the various condor executables to the SP2 firewall
exception list. However, the firewall doesn't seem to be the cause of the
trouble because the problem persists even when the firewall is deactivaed.

"condor_q -ana" shows that the XP machines do not match the requirements.
Specifically, they don't have "HasFileTransfer". 
"condor_status -long" reveals that the whole "StarterAbilityList" entry
remains empty. 

Using two computers that are not members of the AD domain was no problem. 

We now suspect that the domain configuration by group policy is the cause of
the problem. However, we don't now where to look exactly and group policy is

It might be helpful to know how and when condor determines the
"StarterAbilityList" so that we can pinpoint the interfering settings. 

Any help in this regard is welcome.


Björn Baumeier		baumeier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Universität Münster
Institut für Festkörpertheorie
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