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AW: [Condor-users] condor on windows server 2003

Hello Oliver!

We are running a Windows 2003 Server in terminalserver mode to function as
central submit node in our pool. The condor version we installed is 6.6.6
and things are working fine without any additional settings. However, since
we don't use the server as a compute node, I can't tell if there is any
trouble with that. 

Can you submit jobs from the server to other node in the pool? 
If you try to submit to the server, what does "condor_q -analyse" produce?
If I am not completely wrong, Windows Server 2003 has "OpSys=WINNT52"
whereas a Windows XP system has "OpSys=WINNT51". So maybe no match has been


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Hey guys..

I am having some extreme problems with getting condor to run on windows
server 2003.

I know its probably some sort of permissions or security policy thing, but I
just don`t know what.

I installed everything on windows xp pro, and a simple .bat file (creating
an empty text document on c:\) works just fine.

However, when I try to do the same thing on windows server 2003, same condor
config, same installation, the file never gets written to c:\.. neither do I
get a error log or output log for that .sub/bat file.

Any ideas ?.. anyone that has gotten condor to work on windows 2003 server
and knows its working ?.. what kind of security policies did you change, etc
?.. I really thought I have tried everything possible.. I just can't think
of anything... this is with condor 6.7.2


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