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RE: [Condor-users] Condor Glidein question

I have version 6.6.6, is it prior to 6.7.1 because I don't see the
GLIDEIN_SERVER_URLS variable in my config file. Can I d/l the binaries and
store it on my local submit machine  which has gsiftp on it or does it have
to be a machine other then the submit machine or outside the pool??


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>    I would like to use glidein to run my application on a globus 
> resource, Do I need to have globus installed on my submitting machine 
> also? How can I check if I have my correct DN on the Condor Gridftp 
> server for the glidein to work?

As of condor_glidein in Condor 6.7.1, you only need Condor-G to be 
functional on the submitting machine.  Since Condor-G has the necessary 
Globus support compiled into it, you don't necessarily need to install 
Globus separately.  However, you will need a valid grid proxy 
certificate (e.g. created by Globus utility grid-proxy-init) and you 
will need /etc/grid-security to be set up, so if you don't know how to 
achieve both of those without doing a Globus installation, I recommend 
getting Globus installed.

Also as of condor_glidein in Condor 6.7.1, you do not need to be 
registered for access to the University of Wisconsin Condor gridftp 
server.  Even if you are operating in a version prior to 6.7.1, you can 
copy the glidein tarballs to your own gridftp server.  See information here:



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