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RE: [Condor-users] Job state DONE ?

Yeah.. sweet.. when you leave it in queue, its jobstate - 4, marked done..

Thank you guys !

Oliver Hotz
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> > Do we currently have a way to set the state of a job to done ?
> >
> > I want the job to stay in the queue when its finished, currently I 
> > just do that with the exit_on_hold = true.. but.. it would 
> be nice to 
> > have an actual DONE state.. is this currently possible ?
> Jobs enter the C(ompleted) state when they finish. Usually, 
> they leave the queue immediately afterwards, so you rarely 
> see jobs in the C state when you do a condor_q. However, you 
> can make jobs stay in the queue when they finish with the 
> leave_in_queue attribute in your submit file. You specify a 
> boolean expression (which can be as simply as 'True') that 
> Condor evaluates when the job complets. If it evaluates to 
> True, the job is left in the queue. Condor re-evaluates the 
> expression periodically thereafter.

If I said:

leave_in_queue = True

The all my completed jobs would show when I did condor_q, but with a
state of "C". Is that statement correct? So I would need to manually
clear the queue when the cluster was complete by running "condor_rm
-const JobStatus==4". Is that correct? This could actually be kind

- Ian

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