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[Condor-users] Flocking question

We have set up 2 large condor pools (CS and TACC) to flock jobs between each other here in Texas. 
One of the problems we are experiencing is that users from our CS pool (for example) do not have their home directories mount across to our TACC pool, and hence jobs which run fine in the local pool faill when they are flocked to the pool at TACC.
Except for forcing all CS users to add "should_transfer_files = true" in their submit files, is there a way to do this transparently for the user so that no re-training has to occur for our users.
Any advice or experience in doing this at your organsiation would be greatly appreciated.
 Edward Walker, Ph.D.                                 (512) 475-9411 (main)
 Distributed and Grid Computing Group          (512) 232-6579 (direct)
 Texas Advanced Computing Center               (512) 475-9445 (fax)
 The University of Texas at Austin                  ewalker@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx