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Re: [Condor-users] glidein resources not found

Arun Nayar wrote:

After running condor_glidein, I don’t see the resource using condor_status. Is something going wrong? I can do simple condor-g jobs to this resource using universe=globus. I don’t see any of the daemons started on the remote resource, why is that, how can I debug this problem? I also tried manually running condor_master –dyn –f on the globus resource and it gave me a library not found error. Doesnt glidein automatically decide which tarball is to be used for the remote resource?

To see what is happening to the glidein daemons, you may need to look in their log files. By default, these are stored on the remote resource in $(HOME)/Condor_glidein/local/log.

If running the daemons by hand is producing link errors, glidein may be choosing the wrong architecture. Currently, it does not auto-detect the glibc library version. Looking at the glidein tarball directory, I see the following choices for Linux:


The versions without a glibc designation are for glibc2.3. If you are running on glibc2.2 machines, I would recommend trying 6.7.2-i686-pc-Linux-2.4-glibc2.2.tar.gz. Since you are running an older version of condor_glidein, you would need to rename this to the version/architecture that glidein auto-chooses and you would need to use -forcesetup to force the existing installation to be overwritten.