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RE: [Condor-users] The consequences of having ashortPRIORITY_HALFLIFE setting?

> > Can someone from the condor team explain the consequences, 
> in terms of 
> > effective scheduling, of reducing the PRIORITY_HALFLIFE value to 
> > something significantly less than one day? Say maybe one hour? So a 
> > user's real priority recovers faster. Really bad idea? Thanks!
> it would mean that a user's past usage becomes less important 
> for their current fair-share of resources.  it's just a knob 
> to control how long their past usage should count against 
> their current priority.
> if you don't care about past usage at all, you could set the 
> halflife to 1 second.  the end result would be that users' 
> priorities would very closely follow their current resource 
> usage, and as soon as they stopped running jobs, their 
> priority would immediately fall back towards 0.5.
> make sense?

Completely. Thanks.

- Ian