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Re: [Condor-users] Newbie Questions (WIN32)

Condor understands UNC.
Windows Command shell doesn not understand UNC

So to make things simple, you can have condor execute a windows batch file. The first lines of teh batch file
will setup your environment..you can then mount drives using the NET USE command..ets
the last line will be your executable and condor can pass the arguments in to the windows batch.

this also works for linux too.

Hope this helps, JW

N wrote:

I am currently using a home grown PERL/SSH batch clustering system on the Win32 platform (Win32 not my choice). I am attempting to replace this home grown system with something better documented and a nit more stable. However, I have several requirements that must be met.

1. Job must execute in the context of the user id which create/queued it. 2. Jobs must be able to access network resource via URIs (\\<server>\<share> syntax)

I find several references that state Condor cannot currently access URI resources is this correct? Is this because it does not execute the task in the context of the user that created it (keep in mind I am referring to win32)?

If I cannot access via URI is it possible to attach a preprocess step to map a driver letter to a specific share?



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