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[Condor-users] First job slow after rejoining pool

Title: First job slow after rejoining pool

Hello folks,

First, Condor is great.  I've got 20 Windows (2K and XP) nodes running v6.6.7 and I'm able to get lots of work done. 


My question is as follows.  I have a laptop which is part of my pool.  I bring the laptop in every morning and it rejoins pool.  In particular I can do things like condor_status and get the full list of machines.

But when I launch my first job of the day, it takes several minutes (very roughly 10) for the jobs to claim machines and start running.  Once, I observed that by "condor_rm"ing the first job cluster, the next one starts up very quickly.

Can anyone suggest what I should do to "get good with the pool" more quickly and easily?