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RE: [Condor-users] Nice Job Description

roll your own variant of condor_q / condor_status which parses the output of <say>

condor_q -global \
-format "%d|" ClusterId \
-format "%d|" ProcId \
-format "%s|" Owner \
-format "%d|" QDate \
-format "%d|" EnteredCurrentStatus \
-format "%d|" ServerTime \
-format "%d|" JobStatus \
-format "%d|" JobPrio \
-format "FOO=%s|" foo \
-format "BAR=%d|" bar \
-format "?\n" ClusterId \

where FOO and BAR are additional attributes applied to your jobs (such as pretty_name) - the cluster id is duplicated to ensure a new line is added

you can then pump this through your language of choice (awk makes life pretty nice - esp for calculating rolling totals)

nasty: you have to deal with the lack of entries when looking up attributes that don't exist (look at the ouput before you pipe it into awk to see what I mean)

if you use global then it make take a verylong time parsing through everything - therefore you may wish to add additional constraints

if you want to calc times then you need to use the strftime function (the values provided map directly thankfully)

if you want nice output you better make liberal use of printf (getting <days>+time forexample)

fair amount of effort - only worth it if you *really* need that information quickly

quick hack - make your jobs first param be meaningless and put whatever you want in there :¬)

of course I'm assuming some cygwin alike is available for the unixy tools

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> We submit all our jobs via a wrapper called jobwrap.cmd.  
> When we look at the output from CONDOR_Q, all the jobs look 
> pretty much the same, i.e. "jobwrap.cmd c:\foo".  Is there a 
> way to have Condor display a more useful user defined 
> description of the job?
> Thanks,
> Bryan
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