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[Condor-users] security concern of condor

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Dear Condor users,
Have anyone met this before, which is related to security concern.
I created a MS-DOS batch file with the following commands:
date /T
dir d: > D_dir5.txt
C:\WINDOWS\system32\more.com d:\file_in_d.txt >> D_dir5.txt
del d:\file_in_d.txt
dir d: >> D_dir5.txt
date /T >> D_dir5.txt
The aim is to test if the condor job may view the file "file_in_d.txt" at the client desktop by command "more", and also if the condor job may delete the file which is saved on D drive. Condor was installed at C drive.
The outcome is that condor job can't view the file, but dangerously it can delete the file from D drive!
I am wondering are there any concerns or steps to take to prevent this happening.
Thanks for your advice.
Junhong Wang,
National University of Singapore