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RE: [Condor-users] How to have schedd drop claim after each job

lovely - thank you.


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> >Machine ranks a job higher than an existing one - relative 
> user prio immaterial 
> >-> timeout 
> >: Unclaimed
> >
> >It is this last one that is critical to me - if it only 
> works if the user prio is higher then it's not much use to 
> preform job rather than user allocation policies...
> >
> Exactly.  Since the retirement time is a part of the _machine_ policy 
> rather than the negotiator policy, it applies even in case of startd 
> rank preemption, unlike PREEMPTION_REQUIREMENTS.  Whatever retirement 
> time you configure (could be specific to the types of jobs 
> the machines 
> prefer), it applies in this case as well.  Once the job 
> vacates, the new 
> claim replaces the old one.

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