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RE: [Condor-users] Notification of Cluster Complete - not processcomplete

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> > Though this would have the side effect of tacking up a slot 
> either on your pool or on your local machine which may be 
> problematic if you run more concurrent clusters
> No, you would submit the job as a "scheduler universe" job. Scheduler universe
> jobs run on the submit machine - they're not matched, so you can run as many of 
> them as you want. DAGMan is the prime example of a scheduler universe job - 
> run 'condor_submit_dag -nosubmit' to see what it would tell the schedd to
> do.

Ah.. I see what Zach meant now - can you submit any executable into the scheduler universe or does it have to be wrapped in a dag?

apologies for the encrypted previous mail - just ignore it


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