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[Condor-users] Path to execute directory in submit file


I'm trying to use Condor on Windows machines without a shared file system. For my particular application, the input file is passed as an argument to the executable.

Since the input file is transferred to a temporary scratch directory, I don't know the path to pass it to the executable.

In my submit file, I've tried using $ENV(CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR) and $$ENV(CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR) note the second '$'. But both of these yield the error message:

Submitting job(s)ERROR "Can't find CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR in environment!" at line 3
92 in file ..\src\condor_c++_util\config.C

Could someone please tell me what am I doing wrong?

Is this the wrong way to transfer files?

FYI, I'm trying to pass a scene file, input.max, to 3D Studio Max, which will produce an output0001.tif file for each frame in the scene. Here's my submit file:

universe        = vanilla
copy_to_spool = false

Executable      = c:\3dsmax6\3dsmaxcmd.exe
Log             = log.txt
Output          = out.txt
Error           = err.txt

transfer_input_files = input.max

Arguments = -outputName $ENV(CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR)\output.tif $ENV(CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR)\input.max

Is there another way I should be passing the input/output files? I don't think I can just say "input = input.max", since the program isn't using the standard input.


Aaron Suggs  |  asuggs@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Technology, Architecture, & Service Coordination (TASC)
NSIT Academic Technologies  |  University of Chicago