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[Condor-users] mpi and dedicated scheduler configuration

Urgent... we here at UCLA Medical Imaging Informatics have a condor grid with a head node which is running Solaris 9 and the rest of the nodes are running Windows XP.  We would like to run MPI Java jobs on this grid.  The first step, according to the online Condor manual is the "Selecting and Setting up your Dedicated Scheduler" section, as well as the "Configuration for Dedicated Resources" section.  The first thing I don't understand is the configuration file.  I understand that I need to edit DedicatedScheduler =
``DedicatedScheduler@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx'' and STARTD_EXPRS = $(STARTD_EXPRS), DedicatedScheduler , but which file do I edit?  I tried editing $CONDOR_HOME/etc/examples/condor_config.local.dedicated.resource , but is that just an example file or is that the actual file that I need to edit? 
Secondly, is this whole idea of running MPI Java across a heterogeneous grid even possible?  Does Condor support MPI Java at all?  Someone please provide me with an explanation.  Thanks so much!