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AW: [Condor-users] Submission error - TErmina Server REmote Client notallowed ?

This is not an error-message from Condor, you have to configure your
Terminal Server Client correctly, then everything works fine. At our site,
we have a Terminal-Server in our pool and it doesn't make any problems.

Thomas Bauer


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Gesendet: Mittwoch, 30. Juni 2004 18:14
An: 'Condor-Users Mail List'
Betreff: [Condor-users] Submission error - TErmina Server REmote Client not
allowed ?

This is on a windows XP client, and I get that in the log.



error: No Shake Render license : Terminal Server remote client not allowed

Feature:       ShakeR

License path:  C:/Condor/execute/dir_3836/key.dat

FLEXlm error:  -103,577

For further information, refer to the FLEXlm End User Manual,

available at "www.globetrotter.com".

Please call Apple Customer Services: (310) 664-6152



Any idea what this would be ?.. if I execute the .bat file that is being
called from a command prompt, it works perfeclly


The submission script looks like this:


universe = vanilla

environment = HOME=C:\temp;$HOME=C:\temp;PATH=C:\Program

getenv = true

should_transfer_files = YES

transfer_input_files = C:\Program Files\Shake\shake.exe,C:\Program
Files\Shake\key.dat,C:\Program Files\Shake\nrfx.dll,C:\Program
Files\Shake\nrio.dll,C:\Program Files\Shake\nrgl.dll,C:\Program
Files\Shake\nrcc.dll,C:\Program Files\Shake\nrzl.dll,C:\Program
Files\Shake\nrtl.dll,C:\Program Files\Shake\nrui.dll,C:\Program
Files\Shake\nredl.dll,C:\Program Files\Shake\nrux.dll,C:\Program
Files\Shake\nrvh.dll,C:\Program Files\Shake\cblib.dll,C:\Program

WhenToTransferOutput = ON_EXIT


##executable = C:\Condor\examples\Shake\shakesubmit.bat

##arguments = -exec C:\Condor\examples\Shake\test.shk


executable = C:\Program Files\Shake\shake.exe

arguments = -exec C:\Condor\examples\Shake\test.shk



#Says jobs can be sent to windows 2000 pro or XP Pro  

Requirements =( (OpSys == "WINNT50" && Arch == "INTEL") || \  

              ( OpSys == "WINNT51" && Arch == "INTEL")   || \ 

              ( OpSys == "WINNT41" && Arch == "INTEL") ) 

output = c:\shake_output.txt

error = c:\shake_err.txt

log = c:\shake_log.txt








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