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Re: [Condor-users] Trouble with the log file and Condor.pm subMonitor()...

On Jun 30, 2004, at 3:06 PM, Ian Chesal wrote:

I seem to be unable to use the Monitor() subroutine from the Condor.pm
module because of my cluster configuration. I'm getting the error:

error opening ./condor.0.ticket.log: No such file or directory

My submission ticket for my cluster of jobs looks like this:


universe = vanilla
should_transfer_files = YES
when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT
log = ./condor.0.ticket.log
output = wrapper.log
error = wrapper.err
executable = wrapper.bat


# Job 1
initial_dir = no_sweep_parameter/adc_fir1
arguments = /experiments/ichesal/test/no_sweep_parameter/adc_fir1
requirements = (Arch  == "INTEL" && (OpSys == "WINNT40" || OpSys ==
"WINNT50" || OpSys == "WINNT51"))

# Job 2
initial_dir = no_sweep_parameter/art_core
arguments = /experiments/ichesal/test/no_sweep_parameter/art_core
requirements = (Arch  == "INTEL" && (OpSys == "WINNT40" || OpSys ==
"WINNT50" || OpSys == "WINNT51"))

The trouble is with the condor.0.ticket.log file -- it's not being
created globally for all the jobs in the cluster. Instead there's a log
file for each job like this:


Did I set the job up wrong? I was expecting only one condor.0.ticket.log
in the same directory where I submitted the cluster of jobs from.

If you give a relative pathname for you user logfile, it's resolved relative to initial_dir. If initial_dir isn't specified, then it's resolved relative to the current working directory that condor_submit is run from.

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