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Re: [Condor-users] Condor_pool hawkeye module error "Recustiondetected in Hawkeye module"

On Thu October 28 2004 11:02 am, Angel de Vicente wrote:
> Hi,

> I am installing some of the Hawkeye modules, but I have found a problem
> with the condor_pool one. I get the following at the Start Log of one of
> the machines. These are not very well documented, so I don't know what can
> be wrong. Any ideas?

Yes, I can tell you exactly what's going on.  The Hawkeye module that you're 
running is named "condor_pool".  It relies on a separate program, also named 
"condor_pool" to generate the "absent list", which the Hawkeye condor_pool 
uses to generate it's output.

In your case "." (or, less likely, the modules directory) is most likely in 
your path in front of the condor_pool from the pool tools, so when the 
Hawkeye condor_pool tries to run "condor_pool", it runs itself rather than 
the condor_pool from the Pool Tools.  The Hawkeye condor_pool detects this, 
generates the "Recustion detected in Hawkeye module" message, and dies.

Condor (and Hawkeye) inherit the path that they're started with, so you need 
to fix the PATH environment of the process that's used to start the Condor / 
Hawkeye master.

I hope this helps

-Nick (the primary Hawkeye developer)

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