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RE: [Condor-users] Pushing ClassAds into the environment forrunningjobs?


Perhaps I misunderstand but I think you can accomplish this by putting
this in your submission file:



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I can't see an obvious way to accomplish this: I'd to push some ClassAd
values from the running machine and even the job into the enviroment for
a job when it gets started. For example RemoteHost as environment
variable REMOTEHOST so my job executable or script can read that
environment variable and know more about itself. Is that possible?

The only option I can see right now is some how getting the
script/executable running to figure out which machine classad and which
job classad match to this job by looking at the hostname and the current
working directory for the job and querying condor_status and condor_q
with those constraints. Seems like a really round-about way to help a
job learn all about itself once it starts running.


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