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[Condor-users] execution permissions

Hello all,

I've searched through the list but I haven't seen solution for my
-newbie- problem, so here it is:

I'm doing a multi-computer install of Condor. I can successfully see
the state of the cluster with condor_status, and even see and manage
the queue with condor_q. The problem is that when I submit jobs they
are never correctly executed. After solving some issues now I'm stuck
in a problem with directory permissions (I suppose). The Starter daemon
can't create a directory under execution directory (I saw this error in
the log). I've changed the permissions up to 777 for execution, but
the error keeps there...

Can somebody help? I'm quite frustrated...

Thanks in advance
Juan Ignacio Sánchez Lara
Valladolid (España)
Ingeniero Técnico en Informática de Sistemas