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[Condor-users] Does anyone use "ShadowBday" in the job classad?

greetings condor community,

i'm about to fix what i consider a (very minor and obscure) bug in our
code.  when most jobs start running, we spawn a condor_shadow to
manage them.  we record the time that happened in a job attribute
called "ShadowBday", and use this information internally in a few
places.  however, once the shadow exits, we leave the stale ShadowBday
attribute in the job ad until the next time we spawn a shadow.  for
various reasons i don't want to get into here, i'd like to clear out
(i.e. remove) the attribute once the shadow exits.  so, the attribute
would only be in the ad when there's a shadow for the job, and it
would always hold the accurate "birthday" of the current shadow.

is anyone out there in condor-land using this attribute for anything
external to the condor system?  do you look it up for some reason?
would something break if this attribute was removed whenever there was
no shadow for the job?

with the recent thread on condor_status -format (where i "fixed" what
i considered a bug, but many sites were relying on it), i thought i
should at least ask the community before i make this change.  please
send all replies directly to me <wright@xxxxxxxxxxx>, no reason to
spam the whole list with a long thread about this.