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Re: [Condor-users] Re: possible bugs on Condor 6.7.2?

1) - see posts passim on how to achieve this (it is non trivial)
2) see the stream options (incompatible with bouncable schedd's though)
3) I would love the schedd to be multi threaded, I wouldn't like it to
break, on balance I prefer not breaking it...
3') this rather breaks the beauty of condor which is to avoid choke
points, you can always do this by using one submit machine and having
a wrapper in the way such as the various web interfaces people have
4) a setting to switch off the 'hidden' injected requirements would be
nicer but your solution is the cleanest (and if you think about it
simplest) possible now
5) neat idea but the reverse lookup would add considerable overhead...

On Thu, 11 Nov 2004 12:42:20 -0500, Dan Christensen <jdc@xxxxxx> wrote:
> I forgot one other wishlist item:
> 5) Can Condor use the hostname when logging information (at least in
>   the job's log file), instead of the ip address?
> Dan
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