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Re: [Condor-users] possible bugs on Condor 6.7.2?

On Thu, 11 Nov 2004 12:39:47 -0500  Dan Christensen wrote:

> 1) When a vanilla universe job is evicted from a host (e.g. by
>    condor_vacate), the output is not transferred back from that
>    host, even though I have:
>     should_transfer_files = YES
>     when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT_OR_EVICT

ok, numerous reports on this.  i guess i'm going to do some controlled
experiments and make sure this feature is still working like we
expect. ;) i'll report what i find as soon as i have some results.

>   (By the way, the condor_vacate man page doesn't mention the word
>   "evict", but I assume that this counts as eviction?  And the 
>   index for the 6.7.2 manual only mentions the word "evict" once.)

uh, yeah.  sorry.  condor_vacate counts as "evict" for the purpose of

> 2) [feature request] Would it be possible to have output of vanilla
>    universe jobs transferred back to the submitting host periodically
>    (controlled by a variable setting)?

see my previous post (Re: [Condor-users] file transfer problems with
vanilla job) about this...

i don't think streaming is the answer to what you want, either.
you're talking about something like "PERIODIC_CHECKPOINT", but for
transfering all the files at the execute host back to the submit host.
streaming just writes all the data in real-time back to the submit
host, instead.  moreover, our current streaming functionality only
supports STDIN, STDOUT and STDERR.

otherwise, i agree with everything matt hope and dan bradley said.