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Re: [Condor-users] file transfer problems with vanilla job

Alan Christy Arokiam wrote:

I wasted time writing a fotran message polling loop to catch the WMCLOSE_32
signal that condor sends before dying if configured to. The code works, as
tested by others and myself but condor did not transfer output files.

I suspect that the issues Derek mentioned are more pertinent, but I should also point out that in 6.6.6 (and 6.7.2) there is a bug that occurs in Windows XP and Windows 2000 SP2 and above that causes console apps to be undetectable by Condor, so Condor never gets the chance to send the WM_CLOSE. This is fixed, and will work properly in the next release.

For now, you can either give your application a WinMain() function (instead of main(), so that Condor can find the application's window), or just have your job periodically checkpoint itself.