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[Condor-users] Windows error popup on Condor suspend/resume : JITDebugging failed with the following error: Access is denied.

We're running Condor 6.6.7 on a Clsuter of Windows XP + SP2 machines . 

On some machines which have run Condor jobs overnight we get the following
error messages appearing the next morning. The message is appears in a
Windows popup displayed over top of the usual login screen


JIT Debugging : JIT Debugging failed with the following error: Access is
JIT Debugging was initiated by the user account 'PC-CHRIS\condor-reuse-vm1'.
Check the documentation index for 'Just-in-time debugging, errors' for more


We're guessing that the message appears when the Condor job enters a suspend
state, attempts to resume from such, or exits. Guessing also that one of the
Condor daemons is crashing and then trying to initiate a debugging sequence

All machines where the message appears have Microsoft Visual Studio
installed (C++, J++ etc).

At the moment it appears that Condor jobs complete successfully , in spite
of the displayed error message.

Any insights much appreciated ...