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[Condor-users] Maximum number of retries per job?


I've been looking in the mailing list and the manual, but I cannot find a
solution for something it should be a common problem: I just want to limit the
number of times a particular job is restarted, for example to 10. Why?

I find that, for instance, if I specify an input file that actually doesn't
exist, the job is started continiously until I realize and remove it from the
queue. Other situation is when a user submits a very long job. The job will
start, and after perhaps 10 hours of progress, a user will use the computer and
the job will be killed, and over and over again, and this process is using lots
of CPU but it doesn't have many chances of ever finishing, so I'd like to remove
it, and send an e-mail to the user saying that he/she has better chances of
succeeding if the program is made to finish in a shorter time.

Any ideas? Thanks a lot,
Angel de Vicente

PostDoc Software Support
Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias