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[Condor-users] desire to Condor control via Python


My name is Kipp Cannon and I'm a member of the LIGO scientific
collaboration.  We are in the process of developing the infrastructure to
perform analysis of the gravitational wave detector outputs in (near)  
realtime.  To this end, we have a need to control condor from within other
software.  We need to be able to submit dags, query status, terminate all
jobs associated with a dag, etc..  In particular, we would like to be able
to do this from within Python.

What tools exist already for this?  I know that pyGlobus provides Python 
bindings for the Globus Tool Kit, and the Globus "GRAM" manager is 
aparently able to control Condor but this seems like a circuitous route 
to the solution.  Is there a more direct solution --- just some Python 
code that can run condor_submit_dag, parse log files, etc., to provide 
something of a scriptable interface to the whole show?