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[Condor-users] Could not get startd's private ad

We have a Condor setup that's evolved over time from 6.4.x via 6.5.x to 6.6.x 
(6.6.3 currently). Ever since the change to 6.6 happened condor_collector on 
the master node (which is also a view host) has become a total resource hog, 
grabbing the CPU 100% of the time.

Checking the collector logs with the debugging info, I see a constant stream 
of messages of this type:

10/7 11:16:42           **** Removing stale ad: "< x.x.x.edu , >"
10/7 11:16:42 (Invalidated 1 ads)
10/7 11:16:42 (Invalidated 0 ads)
10/7 11:16:42 StartdAd     : Updating ... "< x.x.x.edu ,>"
10/7 11:16:42   (Could not get startd's private ad)

About 330 of these actions are recorded every second. This was not an issue 
under earlier Condor installations. This particular one has not been used for 
some time now due to this problem but needs to become usable again. I would 
appreciate any help/ideas.

Dr. Constantinos Evangelinos                    Room 54-1518, EAPS/MIT
Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences       77 Massachusetts Avenue
Massachusetts Institute of Technology           Cambridge, MA 02139
+1-617-253-5259/+1-617-253-4464 (fax)           USA