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Re: [Condor-users] config problems....

On Sat October 9 2004 6:31 pm, bruce wrote:
> hi...

> in an ongoing attempt to figure out why only the local/submit machine seems
> to be processing the submitted job, there appear to be issues with
> either/both the config file and submit file setup.

Hmm, seems you've been pretty busy over the weekend.  :-)

> i'd like to know if someone can provide me with a sample config file that
> demonstrates how to deal with two different machines that don't have a NFS
> share, as well as a sample submit file that shows how to have an app being
> run within the network, on both the local and remote machines.

Honestly, I think that shipping a whole config in the email would be overkill, 
unless it comes down to it...  I'd be glad to offer some suggestions as to 
what may be causing your problems, and how to diagnose them, though...

You gave very little information as to what is actually going on, so I'll 
start with some of the very basics....

1. Are both machines actually reporting to the pool?  Run 'condor_status' to 
get a list of machines in the pool; verify that both of them show up.  If 
not, you need to solve this before anything else...

2. To handle the systems w/o NFS shares should be easy; just make sure that 
the FileSystemDomain values of the boxes are different (probably the boxes 
FQDNs: something like "host1.foo.com" and "host2.foo.com" ).

3. Run 'condor_q -analyze' or 'condor_analyze'.

> also, in the future i hope to be able to establish an NFS share on one of
> the systems. could someone provide a sample config file (and submit file)
> that shows how to implement that kind of situation.

Once you do this, change the FileSystemDomain values to be the same (probably 
just the domain portion of the FQDN).

> i've read/reviewed a good deal of what i could find within the docs/google,
> but i still can't seem to figure out what i'm missing....
> at this point, this is looking to be a show stopper!!!
> thanks for any help/assistance/thoughts/comments/etc....

I'm not sure which of the below is still relevant; are you still having 
problems with your START expression?

Good luck,


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