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Re: [Condor-users] question regarding job/app status

I'd suggest submitting 4 differrent condor jobs instead of running all your apps from within the same submit script. That way you can use condor_q on each individual job to get the status.

bruce wrote:


i'm trying to determine the best/most efficient way to get
information/status from condor regarding the apps/jobs that would be run on
a condor network.

if i have a test submit file like:
Executable = foo.pl
Universe = vanilla
Error = qq_1097864225.err
Log = qq_1097864225.log
when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT


Executable = mouse.pl

Executable = bird.pl

Executable = dog.pl

Executable = ant.pl

where i'm essentially running 5 different perl apps, how would i be able to get the following information, in real time, given that the perl apps might be running on different servers within the condor network.

i'm trying to capture:
name of app
time app started to run
amount of time app is running/did run
time app stopped
status (ongoing/end)
the server the app is run/ran on

ultimately, i'm considering a kind of web interface, that allows users to be able to 'see' where a given app is, and the status of the app. so i'm trying to determine the best way to pull/get the information from condor...

any suggestions/thoughts/etc as to how to implement this would be helpful...



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