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[Condor-users] The scoop on Condor View versions

David Wallom wrote:

Is there a newer version of Condor View or equivalent for Condor 6.6/6.7??

I will answer your question, but I will give some background first.

There are three pieces to Condor View that you need to understand.

1) The piece that collects the statistics.
2) The piece that queries the statistics
2) The piece that displays the statistics as a web page.

Piece #1 is the condor_collector.
Piece #2 is condor_stats
Piece #3 is the Condor View client

To have a Condor View collector, you will add a second collector to your existing Condor pool. Things will be set up like this:

Normal Collector ----> View Collector <---> condor_stats

The collector and condor_stats tool come directly from your Condor installation. If you've installed Condor 6.6, you've already installed 2/3 of the binaries you need, and they are the correct version. Confusingly, the Condor contrib downloads web page lets you download a view collector for 6.4.7 but not later. That is okay--you already have a perfectly good view collector for Condor 6.6 and 6.7 and you don't need to download a different one. Ignore this download.

You need one more piece, and it's the Condor View Client. This is a contrib module, and it's labelled 6.1.8. It looks old, but it's the most recent one that we've released. It works fine with the latest versions of Condor. We know this because we use it ourselves. We've been meaning to release an updated version, but we haven't had a chance. But it does work fine.

Information on setting up the view collector in Condor 6.6 can be found here:

Information on setting up the view client contrib module in Condor 6.6 can be found here:

I hope this helps,