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RE: [Condor-users] XP SP2 + 6.6.7

My XP SP2 machine was using port 1027 for the startd and 1028 for the
schedd. When I opened up 1027 (startd port) for tcp, jobs went there OK.
Opening 1028 meant I could query the (empty) queue from afar.

So the question is :

There are 2 places to add services to ignore to the FW settings on SP2:
* The first is where you can specify programs OR ports
* The second is in the Advanced section of the setup (I haven't looked into
it yet)

Does the settings 6.6.7 provide only work for outgoing messages?
Is UDP AND TCP covered by those exceptions?

I believe the 1027 and 1028 are dynamically allocated ports that the start
and scheduler negotiate for when they are started, unlike the fixed ports of
9614 and
9618 that the collector and negotiator use.

Any comments from the Condor team as to what else is needed in the setup?