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[Condor-users] Problems starting a job with condor

Hi there,

I am a newbie on using condor and I tried to start a program (not written by me). This job is set to idle all the time and when loohing at the .out file it says:

007 (1338.000.000) 10/21 14:56:42 Shadow exception!
Error from starter on node31.ldas-la: Failed to execute '/usr1/dietz/LAL/bin/lalapps_tmpltbank condor_exec.exe .... arguments ......': No such file or directory

So what does this mean? The program file and the needed data files specified in the argument list are available! And the error and log files are empty. So how figure out where the error is in that case?

Alexander Dietz

Alexander Dietz              tel  (225) 578-8186
202 Nicholson Hall           fax  (225) 578-5855
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