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[Condor-users] condor installation process


Iam a newbie to Condor. After following the Condor installation and
running the daemons instructions , Iam confused.

I installed Condor in /usr/local. I also created a user by the name
"condor". I created condor_config in /home/condor to point to machine
specific files in "condor" home directory.

When I try to run the condor_master as root, the daemons don't start.
Then I did
>> condor_configure --owner=condor
Now when I tried to run the condor_master as root with CONDOR_CONFIG
pointing to
/home/condor/condor.config, I get permission denied messages.

But when I started condor_master as user "condor", the daemons start. But
Condor webpage "strongly recommend that you start up Condor (run the
condor_ master daemon) as user root."

So, with all this, I have following confusions:
1. What should be the group id of user "condor"? Currently, I have it as
2. Should I do:
>> condor_configure --owner=condor
or not?
  If yes,
    how do I run the condor_master as root?
  If no,
    why doesn't the condor_master start when I point my CONDOR_CONFIG to
/home/condor/config where the
LOCAL_DIR               =  $(TILDE)/hosts/$(HOSTNAME)

Your help will be greatly appreciated?