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[Condor-users] Best to submit from condor pool controler or fromclients?


I'm wondering what is the better method to handle job submissions in to my condor pool. I'm going to be having clusters composed of many jobs and dagman consosting of many individual jobs. Is it best to have jobs submitted from the individual clients or submit from the pool central manager?

Rigth now i have a WWW page so that users login and submit jobs from a WWW page which then executes condor_submit on the pool central manager as the user. I could easily make it so the condor_submit is executed from the client. I'm just wondering what is best.

The benefit i can see from having the jobs submitted from the pool central manager is that when users go to check what jobs are on the queue, the central manager will not have to go out and query every client to build the list of running jobs.

Or am i running the risk of burdening my central manager if it has to keep track of a few thousand condor_submits that it made?