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Re: [Condor-users] Condor job submission delayed

Hi Ian,

Today i switched my setup so that the windows clients submit jobs rathr than the linux central pool machine submitting the job & i do not seem to be getting any more long delays between the time my clients finish a job and the time that a new job is assigned to them. Very odd...I'm going to do more testing this week as i have a lot of data to crunch so i will note the behaviour more. My linux central manager is kind of low in physical ram so the only explanation i can think of is that somehow having 200 jobs submitted by the central manager (but not run on on the central manager) was bogging it down somehow....i recall reading that each condor_submit requires some RAM which is allocated to the processes monitoring the jobs on the queue...so perhaps my central manager was too low on ram and was not assigning tasks until it had more resources available.


Ian Chesal wrote:

I have one client (Windows XP) for running jobs, one master (Linux, RH9) for control and one machine for submitting jobs from (Windows XP) and I'm seeing this long delay as well so I'm not thinking it's a load issue. Hopefully one of the condor team members has some insight into the issue...