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Re: [Condor-users] Condor job submission delayed

Marc Saric wrote:
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Hi all,

I am experimenting with a small Condor cluster (Condor 6.6.6, mostly on
Windows-boxes unfortunately) as you can see from my various beginners
mails popping up in the forum.

I have set up a bunch of Windows-machines (Win2k SP6 and WinXP Pro SP1)
and a central Linux-Master-Server.

Submission of jobs works in principle (tested it with the
hello-world-examples from http://www.liv.ac.uk/e-science/condor/hello.html
but sometimes I observe a strange behaviour in that certain jobs need a
very long time until they are beeing executed.
What do you mean by very long time?
300 second delays can occur if the new job started while condor was within a 20 seconds frame of the negotiation cycle. you can start the job by using condor_reschedule.
you can reduce the time by lowering the NEGOTIATOR_INTERVAL value, but the 20 seconds timeframe is fixed, so for a 60 second interval you have a 33% chance that your job must wait up to a minute.
If you have to wait for 30 minutes, it would point to a more serious problem in the negotiation between master and clients.