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RE: [Condor-users] RE: Condor, Windows XP,exit codes and the on_exit_remove setting

Thanks. I don't know how I missed that.

The question that follows as a result of this is: can I have condor
transfer data files to the executor but NOT the executable? If I can't
wrap my perl files as bat files to get them to execute I need to call
them with perl. I have perl installed on each windows machine so I'd
like to write something like:

executable = perl
arguments = "wrapper.pl arg1 arg2"

in my submission ticket. But condor complains that it cannot transfer
'perl' regardless of whether I say 'should_transfer_files = NO' or not
in the submission ticket. Very catch 22 this is feeling right now.

I'm attaching my submission ticket and the output, as captured by the
Condor.pm module, from condor_submit.


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>As further follow up to this problem I tried changing the exit code in 
>the perl script to 0, 1, 2 and 3 respectivily. For exit(0) the log for 
>the job reported:
>	(1) Normal termination (return value 0)
>But for exit(1), exit(2) and exit(3) the log for the job reported:
>	(1) Normal termination (return value 1)
It's standard pl2bat behavior.
See http://search.cpan.org/dist/perl/wince/bin/pl2bat.pl

 From the pl2bat documentation:

*The batch file always ``succeeds''*
    The following commands illustrate the problem:

    C:> echo exit(99); >fail.pl
    C:> pl2bat fail.pl
    C:> perl -e "print system('perl fail.pl')"
    C:> perl -e "print system('fail.bat')"

    So /fail.bat/ always reports that it completed successfully.
    Actually, under Windows NT, we have:

    C:> perl -e "print system('fail.bat')"

    So, for Windows NT, /fail.bat/ fails when the Perl script fails, but
    the return code is always |1|, not the return code from the Perl

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