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Re: [Condor-users] Feature REequest: Description field of job

use the -format output mode of condor_q (or indeed condor status) and
'roll your own condor_q'

write a script (you so want to do this with a unix shell or perl
rather than dos :¬) and save it to some commonly assecible location
(or put it in your installs condor bind directory if you like)

points to note:

1) if you use the wrong %x for a value such as %s for the datetime
fields then it barfs unpleasantly.

2) dealing with the datetime fields is a pain since they come as unix
epoch numbers, if your using bash and awk (nice in that it will work
in cygwin nice and easily) then  strftime("%H:%M:%S", LastHeardFrom -
EnteredCurrentActivity); is your friend.

3) if one of the attributes you want is not guaranteed to exist (such
as any user added attribute) then the output just skips it so

condor_status -format "%s|" Machine -format "%d|" MyNumber  -format
"%d\n" VirtualMachineId

will give you


etc - this makes parsing tricky and means that whatever format
statement you use must ensure then the final format which is supplying
the 'line' terminator is guaranteed to be there (just reuse one of the
existing ones such as VirtualMachineId

4) The time info in condor_q and condor_status vanilla outputs is not
clearly defined anywhere (at least last time I looked at the manual)
so you'll need to decide which of the avail timefields you are going
to use to work it out or if you will use the local time on your

have fun :¬)


On Thu, 09 Sep 2004 00:35:45 -0700, John Wheez <john@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Perhaps i missed omethign in the manuals but, I'm looking for a feature
> that would add on a description to each individual "queue" segment.
> That way i can add something a bit more intuitive when a user gets
> output from condor_q.
> For eaxmple right now the last field in condor_q seems to be the command
> which is being executed. It would be helpful  if  there was another
> optional  field with a user set description of what that task is
> actually doing...this description could be created via whatever
> interface makes the submit file.
> Any ideas?
> JW
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