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RE: [Condor-users] How to change condors log file permission settings?

> My problem is this.. user john submits a task to the condor 
> pool.. Linux 
> Condor  daemons are run as user "condor". Then i get erros in 
> my Shadow 
> log saying user "condor" doesn;t have permisison to write to 
> the log or 
> error files. When i look, these log and error files owned by 
> user john 
> with read from everyone but only writeable by user john..

I find it simplest to remove these files between runs.
I have permission problems if I run vanilla jobs from cygwin.
Also MPI universe has some similar problems.

What are your transfer_files options?
Also, what universe are you using?

> Since the condor submit creates the log files this is the 
> program which 
> sets the permissions...

Yes it does sound a bit strange.