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Re: [Condor-users] determining the Dag controler of a job?

John Wheez wrote:
I'm using dagman more often now and I'd like to know if there is a method to determine the subproccesses that the dagman is monitoring?

For example I know procces 134.0 is being monitored by dagman how can i find out which dagman process is controlling process 134.0?


One simple way is just to run condor_q -dag, which displays DAG jobs indented under their DAGMan controller.

Or, you can look directly in any DAG node's job classad, using condor_q -long, for its DAGManJobId attribute, which is set to the job id of the DAGMan which submitted it. So, to see all the jobs submitted by a specific DAGMan, you can do something like:

condor_q -const 'DAGManJobId == "102.0"'

(...where "102.0" is the job id of DAGMan.)

Or to see the DAGMan controller of a specific condor job (say "104.0"), you could do:

condor_q -format '%s\n' DAGManJobId 104.0

I hope this helps!


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