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[Condor-users] Memory leak in condor_startd.exe


We have noticed a potential memory leak in condor_startd.exe running on
our executes (6.7.1, Windows). The leak only happens when there are
running jobs on the machine. The amount of leak seems to correlate with
the size of the job. 

To give an idea of the magnitude of the leak, private bytes consumption
goes up from ~4516KB to ~6548 after running 17 jobs that take about 1
hour each, and from ~6620KB to ~8780KB after running 340 tiny jobs that
take about 5 seconds each. 

We are wondering if this is a known issue, and if so, when the fix will
be coming out. 

More information can be provided if needed. 


Jimmy Choi
Software Engineer
Altera Corporation