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Re: [Condor-users] does large queue cause high load?

I am experiencing heavy load on my cluster according to a ganglia plot. The only thing I can notice that is different then usual operation is that the condor queue is much higher then normal. 550 jobs; 484 idle, 58 running, 8 held. There are only 58 processors currently available. Would so many jobs in queue cause the machine to have such a high load?

It depends on the job. Given what I know about you, I would guess that these are vanilla jobs. 58 running vanilla jobs should not cause much load. If you had 58 standard universe jobs doing lots of I/O, the load might be higher.

Just having a lot of idle jobs in the queue will not affect your load, unless you have some process constantly doing "condor_q" over and over to find the state of your queue. The schedd--which responds to condor_q--can be a little bit slow to respond to condor_q when there are lots of jobs in the queue. But by itself, jobs in the queue cause no problem.