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[Condor-users] Advanced Notice: The 2005 Annual Condor Meetingstarts March 28th 2005

Dear Friends, 

Mark your calendars now for the Condor Team's annual meeting the week
of March 28th at the University of Wisconsin Fluno Center in Madison,
Wisconsin.  As in years past, you can expect several days of tutorials
and demonstrations, research reports from the Condor Team and many of our
collaborators, updates on what the 6.7 development series has delivered
and what is planned for the next development series, and reports from
the field from Condor users on how they're using Condor. 

This meeting brings the Condor Team and the user community together
for several days of learning and sharing. We hope to have as many face
to face meetings as possible during the week, to better understand
how Condor is being used and what should appear in future versions of
Condor. We are also looking for Condor users to present to the larger
community of how they're using Condor, if you're interested please let
us know at condor-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx

Please plan on joining us, and watch our web site and your inbox for
more details when the become available.  We hope to see you this Spring!

--The Condor Team