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[Condor-users] Partial re-submit


a coworker of mine just asked me how it would be possible to re-submit 
part of a job cluster - apparently he found some issues with selected
input files and would like to re-run the associated jobs.
I suggested to re-build the submit file in such a way that there would be 
"gaps" with dummy Executables (say, sleep 30), the Queue count set to
the first number to be repeated (thus creating job 0..n-1), then set
Executable to its real value and Queue 1, and so on. Unfortunately, the
current condor_submit man page doesn't allow this. 
Another way would be to set up a translation table which would require
a wrapper script. Since this looks like a horrible kludge, and would be
no longer self-consistent: is there an easier way to do this? Are there
plans to allow specification of ranges and lists within the Queue 
command? (e.g. 0-211,245-999)


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